I’m back.

If I could just remember my darned password. Since my last post I’ve had another baby. Beatrice Ann. She’s a pretty sweet baby (almost 6 months old) and makes my other two to look like monsters. We’re having a really hard time disciplining Lucy right now. She’s going through a “rough patch.” Which means she won’t obey and freaks out if we try to get her to sit in time out or have to spank her. It’s driving me crazy. I haven’t yelled it yet, but I think “shut up” an awful lot. I need to work on my “sweet speech.” Putting her to bed early tonight due to bad behavior was an ordeal. Of course, it’s not all bad stuff. We got a flip this week and I really love this clip that Alan put together. It’s almost midnight and watching it makes me ready to see her in the morning. Must go to bed. Very tired. No nap for me today. Which is a rarity in my three kid household. They wear me out!


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