Tetelestai Day

Back when we went to Mt. Tabor, they had something called Tetelestai Day at the end of Clemson finals to celebrate. Think a big free BBQ dinner after church. Tetelestai is the word that means “It is finished.” I think it’s Greek? Maybe Aramaic. Jesus said it when he was on the cross. Anyway, I’d totally forgotten that celebration and only remembered it today when I was driving away from West Campus and thought, “It is finished!”

Today was our last MOPS meeting of the year. I stayed up late to do crafty meeting related stuff and was relieved to have it all over and done with. The only thing left is to show up for the Junk Swap on Saturday. It’s going to be nice to not have to be busy with MOPS stuff this coming month. I guess in June I’ll start thinking of it again. But who am I kidding, I’m already obsessed with how the fellowship hall is going to be decorated.

Of course, as one thing is scratched off your to do list, another is added. Today at our meeting we “showered” Little Steps, a Simpsonville based organization that helps young moms get it together. And I started considering volunteering with them. It could be really fun to be a mentor. Becoming a mentor is a real commitment and don’t want to do something like that without really thinking about it. One major plus is that when I mentioned it to Alan, he was all about it. It would be two nights a month and so he would be left with the kids. He didn’t even bat an eye. He’s so wonderful. He just said, “Well, that’s why I go to work.” I can always count on Alan to be selfless like that. He mentioned doing good things vicariously through me. 🙂 His willingness to take care of the kids so I can be involved in MOPS and possibly in Little Steps is something I often take for granted. It’s definitely behind the scenes. He’s wrong about doing good things vicariously through me–we’re doing them together. He makes me being involved in just about anything possible. He’s such a good guy.


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