BabyNet Evaluation

Today was Max’s BabyNet evaluation. We’ve had concerns about his speech and have looked into getting “services” to help him out with that. Here in SC, BabyNet is the answer to IDEA for kids under 3. Anyway, to make a long story short, after two hours of Max playing with Miss Patty she said that she’s unsure if he’ll qualify. To qualify he has to show at 33% delay in one area or a 25% delay in two areas. Which is a good and bad thing. Good if he doesn’t need speech therapy. Bad if he needs it a little but not enough to have it paid for us by the state. Fortunately, only his speech seems to be delayed. He’s performing at or above average for other areas of development. We should hear her recommendation by Monday. And we’ll make a decision to go or not go forward with his speech and hearing evaluations after that.

It was rather fun sitting with him for two hours and seeing how his little brain works. This last year has been such a busy time. I feel like I don’t get to sit down and play with my kids like I should. It made me really see how good he is at certain things. Things that I hadn’t really noticed in all of the craziness of daily life. When it was just Lucy, I had time to patiently sit with her and point out animals in board books. When I had Max, that sort of activity fell by the wayside. I need to make room for it again. Today made me see how spending quality time playing makes a difference in my kid’s development.

It’s time to start setting the alarm. My kids need a mom that’s ready to go when they get up. I’m going to set my alarm for 6:30. Shower, makeup, devotion. We’ll see how this little experiment goes.


One thought on “BabyNet Evaluation

  1. Kelly

    read this the other day… just wanted you to know that I read your blog and check for updates, and I’d love to hear how your experiment is going.
    I HATE it on Sat. if the kids get up before me. I need my me and God, and then me time before. Love u!!


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