My Little Experiment

It’s been almost a week since I set my alarm. It worked one morning and then it hit me that setting my alarm invariably makes my day seem ten times longer. And about 20 times crappier. 🙂 On Thursday, I got up after I finished feeding Bea. I figured I was already awake at 5:45, I might as well go for it. I had breakfast, showered, read my little devotion. And spent some time with Alan talking about what each other’s day was going to look like. And then Lucy, sensing there was someone up and about got up. Not so bad. I mean, I was READY for the kids. I had a kind of “bring it on” bravado coursing through my veins. I might have had coffee that morning too. Yeah, I did. I remember having to run to the bathroom just about every 10 minutes. Max got up. Everyone ate at the table instead of munching on cereal as they watched TV. I was feeling good about myself. It’s those small victories. And because I was ready, I was able to leave the house to go to Wal-Mart at 8:30! Wow. I’m still impressed by it. I needed to pick up a few items for a dinner I was taking a friend who just had a baby. I got back from Wal-Mart around 9:30 or 10. The kids watched a show. Bea went down for her nap. Around 11, I got a call from Alan saying he managed to lose his car keys. Just his car keys. So I needed to go to his office and give him my set. I figured since we were doing okay on money we’d leave as soon as Bea got up and drive the thirty minutes over to Taylors and pick up lunch on the way, planning on eating at Alan’s office. All went according to plan. We visited for a few minutes. I looked for the keys. And I went home. Of course, the kids are zonked and all three fall asleep in the car. Which meant that when we actually get home and I’m bushed, no one wanted to take more than a 30 minute nap. Which meant that I’m a little crabby. On top of all of this. I forgot to pick up my Zoloft refill and I’d skipped a day. And come to find out, I was PMSing (This link is of an SNL Commercial and is rated PG-13). Anyway, I was one cranky mother. Oh. I didn’t mention that I put the dinner in the crock pot and by the time I got home from Alan’s office, it had majorly overflowed. Later, when I needed to finish the rest of the sides for dinner, my kids were tired and cranky from not having napped. I just wanted to leave and go far far away. I ended up going by myself to drop off dinner and stayed longer than would most in the same situation. I remarked to my friend, “I wish I could eat here. I don’t want to go home.”

Bottom Line: Things started out great and then went to POT! It also made me realize what I want for Christmas–a Keurig hot beverage maker or whatever. It’s expensive but would be really nice to have around. And I wouldn’t have to waste so much coffee or have the hassle of cleaning up! I also realized that if I was guaranteed a nap, waking up early would be a great lifestyle change.


5 thoughts on “My Little Experiment

  1. Katian

    I loved the PMS website! So hilarious! I am a helpless 2-week victim of PMS myself..For if you do the research, full-blown PMS lasts 2 weeks.

  2. Kelly

    i was wondering how a crock pot overflowed as well. 🙂
    thanks for the inquiry mel.
    It’s 9:47 and I’m going to bed. That’s the only way I survive getting up at 5.
    LOVE YOU!!!!!! and way to go awesome mommy!
    I love a Beth Moore mother’s day blog quote… um – you could probably just look it up on the lpm website, but it’s something like… if you even just give a hoot, they usually end up quite alright

    Oh, and by the way, mostly this week, my children have dined on (after cheerleading tryouts/meetings) “the oh-yeah-you-haven’t-eaten-yet-cuisine” of spoonful of peanut butter (no, wait, that’s what I ate.) 🙂
    and… hot dogs. lots of hot dogs.


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