C.H.A.O.S. (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome) Starts

We started this weekend on our floor renovation by ripping up the carpet on our stairs. The underside of the carpet looked like someone had peed on every step. Probably just an effect of all of the carpet cleaning we’ve done in the past four years, although I do remember a few potty training incidents. . . . We’re using the same wood that’s been under the stairs but because of the inferior grade and the gaps between the stringer and the actual steps, we have a lot of work to do.  After puttying over screws, sanding, and priming, putting expanding foam in the gaps and then caulking, our plan is to paint the risers white and the runners a deep brown that will look nice with our new floors. And all of this needs to be done by the time Kate’s wedding rolls around. It’s hard work and it looks pretty bad right now but yesterday I kept on being reminded of the great outcome. On an HGTV commercial I saw Vern Yip sitting on a staircase with the same aesthetic I’m hoping to achieve. Later I did a little bit of research on this type of project and came across this website that had great pictures and advice. It was nice to be able to encourage Alan with those pictures. Sometimes he has a difficult time visualizing and can be a little afraid of the end result. Being inspired by the website we found, we decided to take pictures too. I’m sure those and the other 300 pictures on our camera right now (including balloon pictures from Freedom Weekend Aloft) will be uploaded at some point in the future. No guarantees. 🙂


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