Time to FLY

I’ve decided that it’s time to try out FLYlady again. I was chatting with my friend Helena and she mentioned that she’s a FLYbaby. I’d thought about trying again recently. My house is in constant disarray and I never seem to have the time to pick up all of the toys that get flung to the four corners of my house let alone actually cleaning it. The first time I tried FLYlady.net I was completely overwhelmed by the number of emails I got each day, but now that I check my email so often, I’m looking forward to these little reminders. There is now a thirty day plan for FLY babies too–very good. Before, I think I got lost trying to figure out what I was supposed to do and what I could skip since I was just a baby. So today, my Day 1, I shined my sink. I didn’t do the whole bleach thing. But I did clean it. And left it at that. I also started cleaning out the cabinet in my bathroom. I didn’t get around to wiping off the counter tops (they REALLY need it) but as the Fly Lady says, I don’t want to get so jazzed up about the whole cleaning thing and then just crash and burn.

Tomorrow, my Day 2 goal is to get dressed down to lace on shoes. So, I’m planning on setting my alarm for 6:30 and hopping in the shower. That’s all I have to do. Well…and keep my sink clean. As noted in my previous post about my little experiment, getting up early makes my life seem 10 times longer. But tomorrow, I’m not going to try and do tons of stuff. I have what I need from the store. Once I’m dressed, I can spend time with my kids, which will hopefully make them more content and less contentious. When I’m preoccupied with getting “ready for the day,” there are inevitably all sorts of fights or lots of TV watching. Tomorrow, at the very least, I’ll be able to help referee the fights and watch TV with them.

I’ve read a few of the FLY lady emails and I’ve started trying to be nice to myself. A lot of times, I think about what my Mom would want me to be doing. I hear her voice inside of my head telling me to get up and do something productive like clean the kitchen. And sometimes she’s not so nice! If I can just remember that I’m not behind and I’m just getting started, maybe I can get rid of this impulse to completely tire myself out when I feel the compulsion to clean. I could totally relate when The FLY Lady mentioned finally getting to the nasty bathroom and wearing yourself out and not wanting to go near cleaning supplies for another 6 months. That’s so me! Right now, our kitchen floor needs to be mopped. It is completely nasty. Max threw down a cucumber last week and it’s now dehydrated and stuck to the floor. Told you it’s gross! But I’ve decided I’m not going to beat myself up about it. I will not her my mother scolding me for letting that grime go unchecked. Instead, I will tell myself that I deserve a nice home. A relaxing home. One where my eyes can REST and my mind doesn’t go beserk when I look at all of the undone tasks i.e. dirty laundry, dusting, mopping, etc.. But I will not try to achieve this sort of home in one day. I will follow FLY lady guidelines and achieve it in a month or so and build good habits while I do it. I will become a good housekeeper without being neurotic. I will EASE into a peaceful, beautiful, clean home.

I will start by going ahead and prepping my coffee maker for tomorrow morning. And then, since it’s almost 10:30, I’ll go to bed. Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “Time to FLY

  1. Monica Light

    You go, girl! I just skimmed your blog entry for today–didn’t read it’s entirity, though. Best wishes for your clean house endeavor! Love you, Monica

  2. Kelly

    OH, I don’t do the WHOLE flylady thing all of the time (I actually only read like 1 out of 10 emails a day), but I hear her nice little voice often. Like just do one thing… you don’t have to do EVERYTHING. And, yes, I shine my sink and set my coffee pot. Those I’ve nailed down. the whole swish and swipe thing DAILY is still beyond me. but I set my oven timer for 15 mins. often. i was absolutely encouraged to keep on keepin on with by your blog. And you know, these toys that reproduce and explode all over our homes is for a season. just a season. 🙂
    ps. I think some things like corn are easier to clean once you let them dry out. Then they can be nicely swept up without a smeary trail. agreed? 🙂

  3. travisandstephanie

    I LOVE the FlyLady!! How funny! I started doing her routine while we were in New Orleans and then after I got pregnant and we moved, the routine went down the drain. Now I am trying to figure out how to get started again since I have a son who sleeps all night but doesn’t nap during the day. Hmmm…any suggestions? I have a blog- feel free to drop by it is travisandstephanie.wordpress.com

    Love ya!
    Steph (Howell)


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