Chance Exchanges

I don’t even know how I got to this website but looks like it has a lot of potential. It’s a website that allows you to mail books, dvds, games, and other junk you no longer want anymore to people who do want it. And it’s free. Well almost. There is the annoying fact that you do have to pay the postage to send your item to its new home. You get one credit per item you send and then are able to choose what you want sent to you. I listed three books just to see how it would work. So far, both of my Janet Evanovich books have been requested. I’m planning on tomorrow to make it to the post office. If you know me, you know that I HATE the post office. The slow line and the crazy kids. My kids. They decide to “act the fool” at times. I have other things I need to post too–Kate and Melanie’s birthday gifts–so I REALLY need to go.

In other news, I finished Jeffrey Eugenides’ Middlesex last night. It was absolutely wonderful. I really enjoyed the book and am looking forward to discussing it at book club on Wednesday. I haven’t been in several months but am really excited about this book. A lot of times, I read books and enjoy them but don’t recommend them to Alan. He’s so busy, I hate to persuade him to read just anything. Like the Twilight series. There are certain people I would recommend it to because they’re avid readers and won’t be wasting half a year to read them (Melanie, Hillary, etc.) but if you’re only going to read one piece of fiction a year, you better make sure it’s a good one. Middlesex measures up. It was utterly convincing and had me walking away wondering if Jeffrey is a hermaphrodite–if the book was largely autobiographical.

In other book news, Hillary and I are tentatively planning to attend the Twilight party at Barnes and Noble on Friday. I’m almost giddy. Hill originally had to work that night but because of another family obligation, she’s going to have to take off and will most likely be able to fit in coming up to Greenville. I’m wondering what the age range of people there will be. I’m imagining that Hillary and I will be on the upper end of that bell curve. Which reminds me that I should go reserve my copy of Breaking Dawn right now. Yes, I’m grinning from ear to ear just thinking about it.


4 thoughts on “Chance Exchanges

  1. Sarah

    A coworker of Tim’s is letting me borrow the Twilight book. I haven’t started it yet because the mood to read hasn’t taken me over. Probably because Tim and I have spent the weekend in the tv room watching movies and random crap recorded on the DVR. I am interested in joining a book club though. How did you find the one you’re a member of?

  2. naptime Post author

    I ended up in a book club with one of Charisse’s neighbors whom I’d met at one of Logan’s birthday parties. I kinda just invited myself when I ran into her again at the library. 🙂 It’s mainly women from the Moms Club in Simpsonville. I really like the group because it’s mostly people who didn’t grow up in SC and most of them have more liberal leanings. It’s great to get more than one take on a book. I’m going to be starting up a book club this fall through MOPS. It’s going to be open to MOPS moms and whoever else wants to be a part. I’d love it if you would want to join us! We’ll probably have our first meeting in November and I think we’re going to read Water for Elephants first.

  3. Mel

    Yes, get to the post office! Very important business!
    In other news, I’m nearly done with Twilight and Middlesex is next on my list. It’s almost as if we had a childhood book club or something. 🙂


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