Down the Rabbit Hole

You might not guess from the frequency I write blogposts, but I really love the web and finding wonderful ideas and sharing them with people. Lately, I’ve been sharing via Twitter and Facebook. So how do I find all these great projects and crafts? It’s simple and I think it’s high time you learn to do it for yourself. Here are a few tips to get you started with your new hobby–surfing the web. You already have what you need to get started. A computer. Apparently, you also have time to kill.

1. Learn computer shortcuts. It’s worth it. It may take some time to get used to but you’ll be much more efficient. Learn how to cut, copy, and paste with a touch of a key. Find shortcuts on the right side of the dropdown menu in programs. Here’s a handy little chart to help you get started.

2. Learn how to Google. Or Duck Duck Go. Be specific in your search. Don’t just search for “crafts.” Search for “kids crafts tutorial Valentine’s Day cards easy blog.” You’ll get better results. Promise.

3. Once you find a blog that you like, explore. And what I mean by that is CLICK ON LINKS! If you start with, scroll down the side of the blog. Look at all those links! Go ahead, click on one! Do you see the button that says “Today’s Creative Blog?” Click on it! Once you’re at, scroll down to see their link party. Do ya see that? Tons of people have posted their ideas! Fabulous!! Click on those links. And then find more links on those pages, and click on them. And then find some more links and click on those. Go down the rabbit hole.

So what if you don’t know where to start? Here are a few of my “go-to” sites that I head to if I’m needing inspiration:

Make and Takes

Skip to My Lou

How About Orange

Living Locurto

Dollar Store Crafts

Little Birdie Secrets

Simple Mom

So what about you? What are your best tips and tricks? And what’s the site you love to peruse during those wonderful moments of quiet?


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